Guide 7 Steps to Success Dog Obedience Training (The Quick and Easy Guide to Having Well-Behaved Dog)

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Do you work outside the home? Are you full-time or part-time employed? Are you self-employed or home-based? In some situations, it is possible for a person who works outside the home to be a Puppy Raiser. Even then, one should be aware that young puppies cannot be expected to lie quietly for hours on end while their person works.

They can be attention-seeking and need frequent trips out to their toileting area.

It might be difficult at times to concentrate on work when you have a little puppy to contend with in your office. For people who work part-time, it might be possible to leave the puppy at home for a maximum of three hours on occasion once they are a few months old, but this would depend on how the individual puppy is progressing and should not be a regular occurrence. These are all things to consider if you are wishing to be a Puppy Raiser.

Usually, it is ok to have other pets while raising a guide dog puppy.

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It is important, however, that the pets are both tolerant of other dogs and well-behaved. Pet dogs, like it or not, will be role models for your guide dog puppy. For example, if your pet dog barks frequently, is destructive, aggressive towards other dogs, steals food from the counter or messes in the house, your guide dog puppy may well learn these behaviours from your dog. Cats will usually get used to having new dogs in the house, particularly if they are introduced when they are very young, but some cats can act aggressively towards dogs and even attack them.

Dogs have been known to lose an eye or suffer other serious injuries at the claws of a cat. Are you an experienced dog handler? We can teach you all you need to know. Some people are surprised to learn that guide dog puppies can misbehave, be over rambunctious and just be quite a handful until they mature and are taught to behave properly.

a 6 step success dog obedience training an amazing quick guide to having well behaved dog Manual

Apart from their specialized breeding, they are, of course, still dogs and will behave like regular dogs until they learn appropriate behaviour. Until then, their behaviour can be somewhat challenging e. Experience with raising puppies and handling dogs is, of course, a bonus. What works perfectly well for pet dogs may not be appropriate for a guide dog, so it is essential to comply with the CNIB Guide Dog program guidelines for raising a guide dog puppy.

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  • The breeds that we use are Golden Retrievers, Labrador Retrievers and the cross between these two breeds. Although they are quite little when they are first placed in the home, around 15 to 20 pounds, they grow at a rapid pace and soon will be strong, large dogs, usually between 50 and 80 pounds before they are a year old. These young dogs are still immature and will often use their weight and strength until they mature and become calmer. As puppies, they are often very high energy dogs. People with back issues, balance problems, arthritis, etc.

    A certain level of fitness is also needed as the puppy needs daily walks and regular grooming and can require some physical strength to handle when they get bigger. If any of the terms or conditions are not acceptable to the prospective Puppy Raiser, and they are not willing to sign the agreement, CNIB will not place a puppy in their care. Are you prepared to commit a lot of time to working with the puppy in many environments and situations to pave the way to their success as a guide dog?

    House training is one of the main things the puppies need to learn. Your dog will not move when he understand what stay means. After your dog understands how to sit and stay, you can try lie down. This might be days or weeks later. Follow the same instructions as above, but first have your dog lie down. Here are some things you can try:. Try practicing next to another dog.

    Never overdo it. Be kind to your dog. Use off for getting your dog off you after jumping up, jumping on furniture or jumping on the fence. Use down to have your dog lie down on the floor, or lie down in their bed. She is taller and weighs more and is starting to look like a real dog. Bonnie is very active and gets bored easily.

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    • Luckily, there are times when she can entertain herself by chewing on a bone or playing with a toy. When Bonnie and I were taking the puppy class, I began short training sessions with Bonnie at home. I wanted to be sure she learned things in time for the next class. Because of this, Bonnie is used to a little training each day. Another reason is that we can take her places and she will be well-behaved around others. Some dogs have a hard time learning down, but if you keep it fun and only do a little bit each day, your dog will learn it.

      She was very silly! Go Hurry Up is a phrase that you can use to get your dog or puppy to go to the bathroom. As with all training, try to be patient, positive, and consistent. This should be a positive experience for both of you and your dog should be rewarded with praise, treats, or both.

      It teaches your dog that you are the leader and in charge. You can teach your dog to move any time of the day. You do not need to plan a special time for this lesson. You might use wait if you want your dog to stay in the kitchen while you go to the living room. Some situations require that you tell him to stay and some require that he wait.

      Remember the difference between wait and stay. Which one do you want to use? A little bit at a time, start to back up farther away from the door. Stay close to the door until you feel he understands; then back up a couple of steps.

      14 Obedience Training Lessons For Dogs of Every Size, Breed and Age (Videos)

      If he does that well, then you can back up more. Remember, these steps should be done over several days. Teaching your dog to pay attention to you is very important. If you can get your dog to ignore things around him and focus on you, it will be much easier to teach basic commands. Dogs interpret staring as a challenge and some dogs can get aggressive. This will help your relationship and can encourage faster learning. Never punish your dog or yell if your dog is not learning as fast as you think they should.

      Your puppy may be tired and need a break and may not understand what you want. Take a break and think about what you can do the next time to have more success. Uhtred is a well behaved mastiff. He now understands what it means, even if he sometimes tries to pull or gets more interested in other dogs or humans. Puppies like to run, pull, bounce around, and investigate everything. Bonnie has days like this. When she was very young, she walked very nicely because she wanted to stay close to me. She has been pulling ahead to the end of the leash and trying to go places as fast as she can.