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It responds to the need for novel accounts of agency, nature and social relationships in the contemporary epoch, when new questions have arisen about our place as embodied humans in the world and the ways we produce, reproduce and consume our material environment. In this challenge to invent new ways to understand the contemporary world, the visual arts have a special place given their concern with the manipulation of matter.

For the artist or craftsperson in the studio or workshop, New Materialism can articulate and give agency to existing creative processes, and offer opportunities for new modes of authorship and expanded interpretations of materials and objects and our relationships with them.

Eco Materialism and Contemporary Art

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New Materialism in Contemporary Art A Practice Led Research cluster based at the Sydney College of the Arts , Sydney, Australia New Materialism is an emerging trend in 21st century thought in several fields of inquiry, including philosophy, cultural theory, feminism, science studies, and the visual arts. Much of this article here and of the measurement of materialism and post-materialism in general is based on a measure proposed by Ronald Inglehart in This very simple indicator was understandably only the starting point for measuring post-materialism.

Inglehart himself proposed a more comprehensive item measure.

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The item measure is based on the following set of questions: People sometimes talk about what the aims of this country should be for the next ten years. On this card are listed some of the goals which different people would give top priority. Would you please say which one of these you, yourself, consider the most important?

And which would be the next most important? If you had to choose, which one of the things on this card would you say is most important?


What’s Next?

Here is another list. In your opinion, which one of these is most important? And what would be the next most important?